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Our Business Sales Philosophy

Our Philosophy is based on three key objectives: obtain

  • To Acquire Optimum Price
  • To Seek Genuine Buyers
  • To Deliver Efficient Completion

1. Optimum Price

This is the main goal in a sale. Our knowledge helps you to obtain optimum market price for your hard work in building up a successful business.

30 years experience in selling all types of business’ and property in all industries is a great foundation on which to make a valuation and select the premium asking price for your business.

Our marketing strategy ensures this result.

2. Genuine Buyers Only

You don't want to be messed around by 'tyre-kickers' wasting your time and building up false expectations. It's much better for you to see genuine buyers than people who are not actually interested.

Vigilant screening narrows the number of enquiries to only legitimately interested parties. Confidentiality is assured.

3. Efficient Completion Of The Sale

Our finely developed negotiating skills have enabled us to complete endless numbers of sales of all types of real estate. We have the expertise and have a highly successful record. Our service includes regular and frequent feedback on the progress of the sale.

Achieving all three objectives is our priority.

Market Strength

Liddiard Real Estate Services will prepare professional information for your business, outlining its history, operations and all other positive attributes.

We will tailor a marketing program for you, combining newspaper advertising, internet advertising, direct mail, referral network and consultation with our ample database of buyers whom we have met and who have indicated to us that they are looking for a business.

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