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Property Buyers Agent Service

Liddiard Real Estate Services is a registered ACT & NSW licensed Real Estate and business agent and Real Estate auctioneer. We not only sell property; we source it for our clients, representing them as their property buyer’s agent as well. As your buyers agent we source and negotiate on your behalf, sourcing far and wide to secure the best deal for you.

duffy-frontThe most common reason that our clients use our property buyers agent service is that they simply do not have the time to devote to the detail and due diligence required to assess each deal in order to ensure it contains no hidden agendas or problems.

Another reason you may find our property buyers agent service a useful option is in ultimately being able to choose from a wider array of carefully screened offers so your acquisition will be suitable and in line with your financial goals.

We may source properties in a variety of areas, including Canberra & Sydney Metro and NSW coastal regions and country areas. We may assist you with refining your criteria by providing you with research material and information on various areas as well as a detailed analysis and scenarios on prospective properties. You simply specify your criteria and style of property that you are looking for — say commercial real estate, residential or a property that you may add value to or with development potential. Once your Liddiard Real Estate Services team has a clear idea of your requirements, you can instruct us to source the type of real estate that matches your criteria.

As your deal progresses we conduct due diligence on the property, negotiate an advantageous purchase price for you and assist with settlement.

We would also be happy to assist you negotiate and finalise real estate deals you have sourced yourself. Some of our clients know the property that they want to buy however; they lack the skills to analyse the deal cautiously and negotiate effectively to secure a excellent price and excellent terms.

To gain a greater understanding of how this service works, please call or e-mail us now for an obligation-free discussion of the type of property you seek and the type of portfolio you wish to build.

dakeyUsing a Property Buyers Agent?

A Property Buyers Agent is a person who acts on behalf of the buyer to find and negotiate on properties that the buyer wishes to purchase. The buyer sets a list of criteria with the buyer’s agents, which includes; purchase price, location, desired yield, old or new, type of construction, ability to add value etc.

After the client provides the buyers agent with a brief of what type of property that they are seeking, the buyers agent then takes care of the sourcing, due diligence and negotiating on the clients behalf. The buyer’s agent may also assist the client with refinement of their criteria through providing research material to the client on the property market, population statistics, and key indicators that may assist with enhancing the returns.

People use a property buyer’s agents, or ‘property buyer’s advocate’, for diverse reasons. For some people, being time poor is an issue, whilst others simply want to employ the expertise of professionals that are in the property market-buying day in and day out.

Benefits of using a buyer’s agent:

Save you time: Today’s busy lifestyles makes finding the time to research, locate and negotiate your next property investment very difficult. This burden of not having the available time and resources often leads to people delaying their purchase decision which may result in poor timing or indeed making a decision around your schedule rather than buying the right property for the right price at the right time.

Having a busy schedule and inspecting 3-5 properties over 3-4 Saturdays, simply does not show you everything on the market, also attempting to save time by searching over the internet is not an exhaustive or effective research method as the properties are often not updated regularly.

daley1A buyer’s agent will source property through the traditional methods of Internet, newspapers and real estate agents and also source off market properties through their extensive list of market contacts. The buyer’s agent may also assess several properties at any one time for the client, increasing the chances of securing a good deal. For the client this means an exhaustive search has been preformed over a condensed period of time, which provides the client with a better chance of obtaining the right property at the right price.

Save you money: The majority of investors view the asking price as an estimate of the properties value and base negotiations around this. In reality the asking price is a price provided by the selling agent who is acting for the seller to achieve the maximum sales price.

Through industry experience, current market knowledge, research and access to the appropriate historical records, a buyers agent will evaluate and appraise the value of the property, how it stacks up as an investment and provide this report to their client.

Then through negotiation skills a buyer’s agent should negotiate the best possible purchase price, potentially saving many thousands of dollars for the client. It is important to remember you make money when buying property rather than selling. Many investors lose money in property by not being so concerned about the purchase price, rather thinking they will make money on the sale of the property due to its capital growth over time.

However with the increased acquisition costs, legal costs, stamp duty, and selling costs, they may have negative equity in their property for some time -that is they have lost money even if the property’s value has risen. Apart from negative equity, the consequences of paying too much for a property include; paying higher stamp duty, borrowing more and increasing your loan repayments and effectively lowering your rental return or yield.

Getting the job done: The most common reasons for delaying a purchase is because people have a lack of time and a lack of confidence with regards to market knowledge. By engaging the services of a buyer’s agent you are committing to the process of purchasing your next property and removing the restraints of your lack of time and market knowledge. Instead placing yourself in a position to make the most of potential capital growth and thus making your money work for you.

Costs: The fees paid to a buyer’s agent when purchasing an investment property are tax advantaged (please speak with your accountant about this).

Important points to consider when engaging a buyers agent:

License: Make sure the buyers agent and their agency is appropriately licensed in the state that you are seeking to purchase in. A buyer’s agent should be a licensed Real Estate Agent, through the Department of Fair Trading. Liddiard Real Estate is an ACT & NSW licensed Real Estate and business agent and Real Estate auctioneer.

Insurance: Make sure the buyer’s agent holds professional indemnity insurance policy.

Independence: It is important that the buyer’s agent is independent and not associated or has an interest in particular developments or with developers. It is important that the client can be positive that their representative is working in their best interest and not that of the other party in the property transaction.

Full service: A buyer’s agent should not just locate the property and then hand the transaction across to the client or their solicitor for completion. Rather, a buyers agent should locate, negotiate, complete the due diligence, inspect the property, arrange all inspections required, assist with the settlement process and finally provide a detailed report on the property once settlement has taken place.

Contacts: to make the clients purchase as efficient as possible a buyers agent should have relevant contacts in the industry including:

  • Solicitors/Conveyancers,
  • Finance brokers
  • Building & Pest Inspectors.

To find out more about Liddiard Real Estate Services buyer’s agent service please send us an email at or telephone us on 02 6255 2211 to have an ‘obligation free’ discussion with Mike Liddiard.

Buyers Agent Testimonial

Mike Liddiard demonstrated to us an understanding of our family needs as we have a large family and small children.  We had confidence in his assessment of properties knowing he would recommend only what was suitable.  He worked with our comfort zones and did not push auction when we were very uncomfortable about a non-refundable deposit under auction conditions.  He was very happy to discuss why he had assessed some properties as unsuitable and gave us very clear guidance when we put an offer on a house. He assisted us throughout the purchasing process, gave us the confidence to put in an offer and clear advice as to an appropriate amount. He continued to monitor the progress of our purchase through to settlement, providing timely assistance and advice when appropriate.

Best regards,
James & Sarah.