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Selling Tips

There are simple ways of creating the best first impression, and as they say, there are no second chances at a first impression. Having your home sell for the best possible price is in the early weeks of it being on the market, so presentation is important.

There are a few simple ways you can enhance the appearance of your property:


  • Sweep driveways and paths
  • Remove newspapers and magazines
  • Put children's bikes and toys away
  • Park extra cars away from your property
  • Paint gutters and eaves if necessary
  • Repair damaged fencing
  • Make sure that the roof and gutters are clean and in good order
  • Clean windows and repair any damaged fly screens
  • Clean out and sweep the garage
  • Mow the lawn and trim the edges
  • Fertilize and water the lawn
  • Trim shrubs and add colour to the garden (with pots if necessary)


  • Have your kitchens and bathrooms shining
  • Maintain all sealants – shower, bath and kitchen benches
  • Consider having the carpets professionally cleaned
  • Open curtains and make the rooms as light and bright as possible
  • Organize your linen cupboard and wardrobes so they look bigger
  • Put toys away
  • Keep pets outside
  • Reduce clutter to enhance the spaciousness of each room
  • Change washers on dripping or tight taps

Discuss issues such as repainting or replacing soft furnishings with Mike Liddiard before making a commitment – he may be able to make suggestions that will save time and expense while still ensuring that the best result is achieved. You may also consider, the time that your home is on the market, having professionals maintain your home and garden on a weekly basis. It could turn out to be money well spent.


The preparation you put into getting your property ready for sale can be the difference between getting a standard price and getting a great price. And the best part is, it's not hard, time consuming or expensive.

Timing & Presentation

The process, or indeed art, of presenting your property for sale is an important one to master. For most, the sale of a property comes around every 5 – 7 years. For others it has become a more regular event, choosing to capitalise on the opportunity of upgrading the family home and make substantial tax free gains in the process.

Whatever your motive for selling, the process can either be stress free and lucrative or tense and disappointing. The good news is that you have the ability to choose.


Buyers for good quality property can be found all year round. With the marketing process having become far more sophisticated than in previous times, the issue of timing is less critical today than in the past.

The time required to sell property that is accurately priced will typically vary between two and six weeks. Prior to placing your property on the market, allow an additional two weeks to prepare both the property and the marketing material plus legal requirements..


Presentation of your property is a critical factor in achieving the highest possible price. This is similar to detailing a car before you sell it. The emotional appeal required to stir the spit of the buyers is unlikely to be generated by a poorly presented property. And a neglected building sends out ‘warning signals’ to prospective buyers.

So it is important to do whatever is possible to have your property looking its absolute best on inspection day. Some of the turn offs for buyers include:

  • Animal odours in the house
  • Evidence of damp or moisture in the walls
  • Cigarette or strong food odours
  • Doors, windows or gates that stick
  • Cracked glass
  • Too much furniture or personal belongings cluttering the space
  • Stained carpet

To improve the presentation, seek an outside opinion, as many of these problems can be fixed over a weekend for little expense. We believe the process is so important that we offer our clients the services of our in-house Property Stylist to help in preparing the property

Sale Preparation Checklist

  1. Get the property detailed thoroughly.
  2. A few hundred dollars spent sprucing up the property will increase the saleability and more than likely increase the sale price.
  3. A property stylist can improve the appeal of your property by enhancing its appearance. This helps in obtaining a higher sale price.
  4. Obtain a building and pest inspection report. This allows you to have necessary repair work done prior to sale. A 100% clear report can be used as a selling feature for buyers.
  5. The Contract for Sale should be prepared by your solicitor or conveyancer with all the essential terms and conditions. In ACT the law requires that a contract be available for inspection prior to the property being offered for sale.
  6. A certificate of compliance should be obtained from the Local Department if you have recently undertaken major building works.
  7. If there is a current lease, check the expiry date and termination requirements and advise your solicitor.
  8. Make a note of all the inclusions. That is, everything that will be included in the purchase price and remaining at the property after completion. Standard items include light fittings, floor coverings, curtains and blinds. These can also be excluded if you prefer but it should be noted in the contract for sale.